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“As one of India's driving manufacturers and exporters of Polyethylene Packaging Films, we are glad to offer imaginative solutions for today’s challenging environment.” Stretch N Wrap is an amalgamation of different variety of packaging products. We have always expanded our items extend during the time of adapt to market patterns request and client prerequisites. Our point is to offer the most productive, savvy answer for pack, wrap and transport your merchandise while altogether diminishing your carbon impression.

At the onset of the business and with the essence of involvement in different modern verticals, our industries has pledged to achieve the turning point of driving multilayer extend films in Gujarat. With the state-of-art infrastructure facility and technological agility, we manufacture multilayer cast cling films from the co-extruded film that is extensively favored for the purposes of bundle over wrap and for the process of stretch wrapping the pallets.

The excursion won't end by accomplishing that yet we likewise try to enhance our item portfolio in closest future to end up noticeably best multilayer extend films makers in India. Due to the quality benchmarks we keep up, our cling films are popular in the market. Complying with the determined assembling procedure and depending of trick verification testing techniques, we guarantee our clients about the quality we convey alongside the stick film rolls.

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is used to wrap around the items. The flexible recuperation keeps the things firmly bound. Interestingly, contract wrap is connected freely around a thing and psychologists firmly with warmth. Supported by a group of profoundly talented experts, we are exchanging and providing an immense gathering of extends movies. These are generally utilized for bundling motivations behind mass palletized load. It likewise decreases item taking care of expenses and gives speedier stock control. As a foremost stretch film manufacturer and supplier, we can provide you a huge spectrum of stretch films that has been sourced from the market trusted vendors. These offered stretch films are high quality films which are featured with high impact resistance, good structural strength and resistance to chemical. These stretch films are hugely used for various industrial requirements. We have maintained a distinct position as consistent stretch films trader and supplier in India.

What is stretch film used for?

A highly stretchable plastic film commonly made from Linear Low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. Stretch film is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them to each other and the pallet. Typically stretch film is utilized to hold boxes and items together on a pallet for transportation. It can likewise be utilized to hold other question together and ensure objects amid transportation and capacity. Stretch film can arrive in an assortment of claim to specialty films.

What are the advantages of Stretch Film?

Protective- This wrapping is secure and protects products from dust and moisture.  It can also protect from sun with UV film options.
Cost Effective- Stretch wrap is less expensive than other types of pallet wrapping. Additionally the equipment needed for stretch wrapping is cheaper than other forms of wrapping.
Adaptable- Stretch wrap has a variety of films to suit each application; and it is even appropriate for different types of surfaces. 

Benefits of Stretch Film

  • Stretch wrap loads are more secure which minimize shipping damages
  • UVI stretch films can protect products stored outdoors from UV Rays
  • Strong opaque films conceal load contents and reduce instances of theft
  • Opaque stretch films are great for color coding products
  • Stretch films keeps products free of dust, moisture and dirt
  • Increased packaging operation efficiency
  • Improved Inventory control, by allowing for visual inspections

Attributes of Stretch Film

  • Economical Transportation
  • Shelf Space
  • Environment Friendly
  • Excellent Optic

Products we are flourished with

  • Stretch Cling Film
  • Hand Grade Stretch Film
  • Food Grade Stretch Film
  • PE Stretch Film
  • Pre Stretched Film
  • VCI Stretch Film
  • Anti Static Stretch Film
  • UV Stretch Film

Stretch Cling Films

Stretch Film Manufacturer

We offer Stretch Cling Films that is mainly applied for packing in domestic as well as


Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film Manufacturer in India

We are the supreme quality UV stretch Wrap manufacturer of India that are purposely.


PE Stretch films

Stretch Film

PE Stretch films is a generally identified as so because of its make with multi-layer elastic.