Stretch Film Manufacturer

We as the leading Stretch Film ascertain that these are produced from the latest technology based machineries and offer the utmost quality products that are produced from high grade materials in compliance to the International quality standards. These are accessible in custom orders as well in accordance to the needs of the customers and possess the utmost application advantages as compared to the other brands in the market making us very highly sorted out industries in the international market for these category of products. We balance quality of the products, their user-friendliness along with the price rates, which is one of customer satisfying strategies.

Stretch Cling Films

Stretch Film Manufacturer

We offer Stretch Cling Films that is mainly applied for packing in domestic as well as


Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film Manufacturer in India

We are the supreme quality UV stretch films manufacturer of India that are purposely.


PE Stretch films

Stretch Film

PE Stretch films is a generally identified as so because of its make with multi-layer elastic.

Following are the applications:
  • » For safety resolution
  • » Products of Automated wrapping
  • » Hand wrapping
  • » Everyday using hand-tools, fully automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machine.
  • » Other applications of stretch wrapping comprise bundle wrapping, roll wrapping
  1. » Use To Easy
  2. » Glossy finish
  3. » Good anti- especially gift
  4. » Self adhesive
  5. » Fine finish
  6. » Dust repulsive
  7. » Durable body structure
  8. » Best in quality wise
  9. » Effective usage
  10. » Scratch proof
  11. » Scratch struggle
  12. » High transperancy
  13. » Best gumming
  14. » Light weight
  15. » Cushioning and shock absorption property